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Workshops & Seminars

Workshops and Seminars are available for each of the listed programs:

  1. Role of the Pastor

  3. Christian Education Model
  4. The Importance of Prayer, Christian Education Board, How to Plan, General Categories of Plans, Why Plan, Outline for Planning, Common Strategies for Planning, Identifying Educational Needs, Practical Christian Education Goals and Objectives

  5. Church Personnel Job Descriptions & Qualifications
  6. Six Steps Suggested in Writing Job Descriptions, Standard Job Descriptions of Church Workers

  7. Resources
  8. People Resources, Equipment Resources, Financial Resources, and Facility Resources

  9. Importance of Time Management
  10. General Ways to Observe Time Significance, Ways to Observe Time Schedules, The Importance of Proper Rest and Relaxation

  11. The Psychology of Age Groups
  12. Developmental Stages and Suggested Teaching Strategies for Each Age Group: Birth to 5; Children 6 to 9;Children 10 to 12; Early Adolescence 13 to 15; Late Adolescence 16 to 21; Young Adulthood 22 to 25; Second Stage of Young Adulthood 26 to 39; Middle Adulthood 40 to 69; Later Adulthood 70 and over; Singles

  13. Ushering
  14. A Definition of Ushering, Important Words Associated with Ushering, Qualifications of an Usher, Duties of an Usher

  15. Sunday School
  16. The Function of the Sunday School, Sunday School Teachers, Teacher Selection Process, Length of Service, Sunday School Growth, Suggestion for Sunday School Promotion, Leadership and Sunday School Enlistment,

    Finances and Enlistment, Steps to Increase Enrollment Sunday School Enlistment and Outreach Ministry, Keeping Prospects in Sunday School, Grade Scale Overview

  17. Church Training
  18. Training Department Personnel, The Director, The Presiding Officer, Secretary, The Instructors, The Dean, Selection of Training Officers, Planning Committee, Time of Operation, Topics of Study

  19. Qualities of Christian Leaders
  20. Sense of Purpose, Willingness to Learn, Dedication to God, Realistic Attitude, Integrity, Flexibility

  21. A Paraphrased Model of the Articles of Faith
  22. The Scripture, God, God the Father, Man, The Holy Spirit, The Personhood of the Holy Spirit, The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit, The Fruit of the Spirit, The Mission of the Holy Spirit, The Stages of Salvation, Baptism, The Lord's Supper

  23. How To Remain Christian in a Non-Christian Environment
  24. Major Factors in the Life of Jesus Christ, Things to be Aware of in Your Christian Life, Factors That Contribute to the Filling of the Holy Spirit, Things to do to Remain Strong in the Faith, Love Thou Neighbor, Forgive Thou Brother, Avoid Gossip

  25. The Church
  26. A Definition of the Church, The Foundation of the Church, The True Church , The Mission of the Church

  27. Church Music
  28. The Music of David in the 144 Psalms, General Categories of Church Music, Hymns, Anthems, Spirituals, Gospel Music, Choir Unity, Choir Diagram, Hymnal Resource Value

  29. Stewardship and Tithing
  30. Giving and Stewardship to God, Scripture on Stewardship, Why Tithe, Scriptural Teaching on Tithing

  31. Deacon
  32. The Word Deacon, The Original Deacons, The Primary Role of the Deacon, Relationship to the Pastor, Ordination of Deacons, Biblical Qualifications of Deacons, The Deaconship, The Number of Deacons, The Selection Process, Ordination Outline, General Duties, Junior Deacon Program

  33. Trustees
  34. The Board of Trustees, Specific Duties of the Trustee, Qualifications, Selection Process

  35. Sample Youth Program
  36. Goals and Objectives, Projected Youth Activities, Responsibilities of Leaders and Counselors, Duties of Leaders, Identifying Needs, Things to Remember in Working with Children, Things to Remember in Working with Youths, Suggestions on Maintaining a Good Youth Program, A Sampling of Youth Bible Games

  37. Sample Youth Worship Service
  38. Order of Service Outline, The Beauty of Language, Poetry Reading , Responsive Character Statement, Suggested Hymns, Sample Prayer, Sample Sermon Based on the Blind Ambition of Macbeth

  39. Sample Church and Youth Constitution, Sample of by-laws

Length and Time of Workshops

  • Mini Workshop: 3 hours Saturday morning or afternoon (or a six hour one day Saturday workshop)
  • Three Night Workshop: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. 7p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • Four Night Workshop: Sunday, Monday Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7p.m. to 8:30p.m.

*Nightly workshops are subject to distance and location considerations. August through May workshops are restricted to a 60-mile radius of Wilmington , North Carolina . (Distance and Location is not much of a factor during the summer months.)

Cost: willing to negotiate

Contact: The Reverend Micheal J. Darby
BS Psychology, MA Christian Education, Master of Divinity
Address: P.O. Box 1728
Shallotte , North Carolina 28459